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If you are visiting Colchester for just a day then Hamiltons is the best place to train. No induction or appointment necessary. You're very welcome to just turn up and pay a day pass of £7.50. Stay as long as you like. We are a club so all the help you might need is free. Masses of free parking outside from 6pm to 8am.
Telford Way
Severalls Business Park

07805 160548
Open 24 hours for members

Staffed Hours
Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm
Sat, Sun + BH, 10am to 2pm

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"Very friendly gym. Great place to start your fitness journey." Suzanna
"Awesome gym with great equipment, also extremely friendly staff with great knowledge. This is a gym for people who seek results in their training. Been coming here from Norwich every weekend the past 3 weeks." Erik
"I have been training here for years now and also have been training clients there for a long time and the reason is that it is a great atmosphere and has helpfully staff. So really recommend this gym to any newbies or experienced lifters." Steve
"Best gym in Essex, 5 Stars" Andi
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We are open to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but to use your guest pass you must visit during staffed hours which are Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm, Sat, Sun + BH 10am to 2pm.
"I am a new member and the staff are friendly and helpful as are the people who go there love the place it's fantastic" Adraine
5kg plate 
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Pay Monthly (minimum 1 year then rolling month) £32.50
Pay yearly £325.00
Also available by visiting Hamiltons
Single session day pass £7.50
Ten session day pass £45.00
Single Month (no contract) £45.00
"No-nonsense gym. Went almost every day for 11 days whilst visiting family in the area over Christmas. Really friendly staff, good quality equipment and a good selection of reasonably priced refreshments. Everyone was really friendly in there and said hello. Highly recommend." Raoul
Cardio Training
Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or train for your first marathon we have a full range of cardio equipment including bikes, runners, rowers, steppers, crosstrainers and Schwinn spinners. 
"First session this morning. everything you'd need and more. 24/7 access too. highly recommend" Pete
Free-Weight Training 
Over 1200kg of Olympic plates and 8 Olympic bars, dumbbells from 1kg to 60kg, squat racks, power racks, standard and tall Smiths machines, lifting platform for Olympic training, 2 dedicated flat competition benches as well as incline and decline benches and much more. Everything you'd expect from a three times finalist in the Strength Training Gym of the Year 
"Had a nice little try at this gym yesterday! Helpful and friendly staff, lots of kit for me to play with and well organised and clean in both the gym and the changing areas. Food, supplements, PT's and a cafe area all added to the simple but well equipped little gem. If I lived closer I'd consider changing gyms, but will definitely try the powerlifting and strongman training sessions!" Charlie
Thursday 6.30pm to 7.30pm Powerlifting Club Candice, Cathie Free to members, £5 to non members
Hamiltons is home to the Colchester Powerlifting Club which meets on Thursdays from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Subs are £20pa and then £5 per session (Hamiltons Gym members sessions are free). This includes your club T Shirt.
The Colchester Powerlifitng Club is run by Candice Westaway, Candice is the Powerlifting European Champion and British record holder. She has coached everyone from complete beginners to many British Champions. Over the years Colchester Powerlifting Club has produced many national champions and won awards for its excellence in bringing out the very best in each of its members.
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Lots more information on the club Facebook page

Three times Worldís Strongest Man Bill Kazmaeir says

ďA shout out to anybody around Colchester

Hamiltons Gym is one of the finest Iíve seen in England

Iíve travelled the world training for 40 years in world class gyms

If you want a great staff thatís knowledgeable in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman

Check out Hamiltons Gym, I approve.Ē

"Friendly staff...knowledgeable...put you at ease...ask you your goals and tailor your workout to your capabilities...can do everything at your own pace..the staff and members are really helpful and friendly..I love this really has helped me with my weightloss and confidence..Im also part of the powerlifting club..I intend to keep this gym in my to go list as I feel safe and happy there..and am encouraged to do well." Anne
Strongman Training 
With both the 'Wrecking Yard' outdoor strongman area, and the 'Walk of Pain' 20m marked farmers' walk course, Hamiltons is the ideal place to train for strongman events. We have Atlas Stones, Heavy-Weight Tyres, Farmers' Walk, Yoke Carry, Log Presses, Barrels, Sandbags and Rocks. 
"Six months into a year's contract and I've dropped a lot of weight and smashed goals along the way. The staff are helpful and not condescending and the members are the same. Everyone I've asked for advice has given it and some have then stuck around to spot me which is always a good point. Most importantly the music is mainly rock!!!!" Kyle
Find a reliable personal trainer 
Candice Westaway Candice is a Level 3 Personal Trainer who has been training clients for over ten years in all areas from weight loss to toning. As well as being one of the very few qualified Powerlifting coaches in the area Candice also teaches Yoga.
Hamiltons Supplements 
After repeatedly being let down by supplement suppliers, both by their quality and availability, we approached one of the largest manufacturers in the UK and have created our own brand to our own very high specifications.  
Hamiltons Whey Protein
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Lean Mass Builder
Highly bioavailable
High levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids
Maintains and repairs muscle tissue
High protein levels, low carbohydrate and calorie levels.
Exclusively available at Hamiltons
  per serving per 100g
Energy 631kj 1755kj
  151kcals 420kcals
Fat 3.5g 10g
of which saturates 2g 5.6g
Carbohydrates 6.4g 18g
of which sugars 5.3g 15g
Protein 25g 70g
Salt 0.05g 0.15g
Hamiltons Clothing 
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