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Welcome to a better way to swim  

AboutMost outdoor swimming events encourage very competitive people to rush about a lot. Slow Swimming is for the people who donít want to get there in a hurry.

Slow Swimming  promotes swimming for the pure pleasure of experiencing the nature and the water that you are fully immersed in. Itís for people who donít want to get there in a hurry, but love the journey. Slow Swimming is all about the journey - and cake - Slow Swimming is all about the journey and cake


The ideal Slow Swimming event:

  * Takes place in idyllic surroundings

  * Doesnít start too early in the morning. 10 Oíclock is early enough for anyone to be doing some exercise.

  * Encourages swimmers to take their time and enjoy the experience.

  * Has a reasonable amount of cake involved at some stage.

  * Ends with a picnic for friends and family.

Picnic Field
HistoryThe idea of a Slow Swim and picnic started on the River Stour in Dedham on the Suffolk-Essex border in 2013. A bunch of friends got together and just decided to do it. So out came the wetties (it was September) and cake was baked, sandwiches were made, bottles of ginger beer were packed and it happened. The official 'start list' only had six starters and luckily an equal number of finishers.
The original gang
By 2018, with the word spreading through friends of friends of friends, there were over 500 taking part.
Start 2017
Official events
Bradford-on-Avon Slow Swim  Picnic 12th June 2021, more info Click Here or
Cambridge Slow Swim and Picnic. 10th July 2021, more info Click Here or
Dedham Vale Mill 2 Mill Swim and Picnic. 8th August 2021, more info Click Here or
raise moneyAs well as raising money to allow us to campaign to improve facilities and improve access, to widen the the use of all bodies of water for leisurely and social swimming, dipping, swimbling or swooshing, Slow Swimming events have also raised money for The River Stour Trust, The National Trust, The Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub and The Cam Valley Forum.
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If you can afford to make a regular donation of £3.50 a month this can help us plan our budgets more accurately and commit to larger projects.
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