Hamiltons Fitness Centre
Personal Training

Unlimited access for personal trainers 200 per month.

Are you a Personal Trainer wanting to expand your business? Are you looking for the best gym to train your clients without having to use up your time doing endless unpaid hours of gym instructing?

Then you are welcome to base your business at Hamiltons Fitness Centre and pay either a monthly rent of 200 to have unlimited access for you and your clients or just pay per session for entry for them and no charge for yourself.

You will be welcome to come and go as you please, use our reception and cafe space to meet and great, have use of a locker to store your files and small pieces of equipment and wear your own logoed training wear to increase awareness of your brand.

Alternatively you can, instead of paying the monthly amount, pay session by session. You would only need to pay a total of 5 per session during the daytime or 7 after 4pm. This is the total you would need to pay per client, with no other fee being payable by yourself.

Call 07957 844512 or e-mail for further details or to arrange a visit.

If you are looking for a personal trainer may we recommend these:

Catherine Wass www.catherinewass.co.uk
Tiffany Croker www.practicalpt.co.uk
Julian Saunders http://www.facebook.com/julian.saunders.9022
Andy Ibros www.aicolchesterpersonaltrainer.co.uk

Richard Smith https://www.facebook.com/richard.smith.3958

Kevin Knights http://www.knightspt.co.uk/



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