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Hamiltons welcomes personal trainers.

We are the only gym/fitness centre in the Colchester area that actively encourages professional personal trainers to make use of our faciltities with their clients.

Just show us a copy of your qualifications and you can bring your client into our 4000 sq ft fitness centre. Not only don't we take a percentage of your fee to your client, we don't charge you to use our facility at all. Your client can pay either a single day membership (phone or e-mail for details) or join as a member and that is it.

As long as you hold the necessary qualifications (YMCA fitness instructor, Premier Training personal trainer or NVQ3 or above) we don't ask you or your client to undergo any inductions, but we would be happy to allow you some time to familiarise yourself with our equipment.

Call (01206) 854319 or e-mail for further details or to arrange a visit.

Personal Trainers at Hamiltons

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer may we recommend:
Catherine Wass B.Sc. (hons). Cathy offers a range of fitness services designed to complement each other. Her fun and individual approach encourages commitment and success for everybody. Furthermore, her personal and technical customer care ensures you are always the first priority.

Cathy says "I believe that exercise should be a part of everyone's daily life. I train my clients for functional strength that can be applied to daily living. It is important to look great and feel great. Each client is unique."

You may contact Cathy through her website, by email or phone 07899 891747

Catherine Wass professional personal trainer
Derek Gruender Dip PT  MRNT   IIST. Derek is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (Advanced Instructor Level 3); the Register of Nutritional Therapists; the International Institute of Sports Therapy; and the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. You can contact Derek through his Website, by email or phone 07771 711875

Derek Gruender, Personal Trainer.

Sparklefit is a Personal Training company for women, and is run by fully qualified Personal Trainer, Sarah Wilson Dip PT CSMT, offering several services which include: 
         Mobile personal training service for women
         FREE initial one hour consultation
         I visit you in your own home or we can train at Hamiltons Fitness Centre
         Nutritional advice
         Sports massage
         Relaxation massage
        Pre and post natal training  
If you would like to know more about Personal Training, please visit the Sparklefit website or telephone: 07841 382562 or E-mail: info@sparklefit.com






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