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Caption Competition

Send in your best caption for these pictures. 

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'And then pop in the oven on gas mark 4 for fifty minutes' From Guy, Colchester
'Now where was it I left the Batmobile?' - from
'Are you sure I wont be found by aliens if I wear the cap AND the tinfoil??' - from Eric Turnbull
"what do you mean - 'it's not fancy dress' ?" kelsey2005@btinternet.com
'Glastonbury... you can stick it !!!'  Richard Castleton
"Which way to Bath" From Jilly Clark, Enfield
"Superman's wash day, nothing clean" Dave, London.



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'The Martini Girl, Any time, any place, any where.' - from joanne@jbarnes9.wanadoo.co.uk
'Whats yours is yours and what`s mine is yours?? HUH??' - from Eric Turnbull
'You did say marrying you would be a weight off my shoulders??' - from Eric Turnbull
"I do, as long as you don't expect me to do your reps!"
From Harry Hayfield, Ceredigion

Robbie to Stef  ' Stef , I think you'd better carry me over the threshold if you can lift that !!'  Richard Castleton
"Why can't I have a bouquet like every other bride?"" Jilly in Enfield
"I thought you said wedding bells not dumb bells!" Julie Parsons
"I think that you are supposed to give me a ring..." Dave, London
"It's not big and it's not clever. I'm supposed to be getting married in 20 minutes" Darren

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"Many hands make light work!!!" From Jilly in Enfield

"Can't one of you…give us a hand with this.." From Lousie in Colchester

"Ohhhh Betty - it's slipping" Dave, London

"OK, laxatives might've been easier" Chris G

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The best captions will earn the respect and adulation of all ...... and fame forever. .






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