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Equality policy

Hamiltons Training Academy is committed to maximising the potential of all our students and staff. Hamiltons Training Academy recognises the need for and supports a policy of equal opportunity in all areas of its work and responsibilities. All allegations of discrimination will be treated seriously and all reasonable practicable steps will be taken to prevent such behaviour.

Hamiltons Training Academy will not unlawfully, unfairly or unreasonably discriminate or treat any individual less favourably on the grounds of sex, marital status, race, ability, colour, age, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin. If a member of staff or student believes that they have been discriminated against, it is their responsibility to report the matter to the most appropriate person in authority.


  • All staff, students and clients will be made aware of our commitment to providing equality of opportunity.
  • All company material and programmes will be designed to ensure that they promote equality.
  • Equal opportunities awareness raising sessions will be run for all staff to ensure that they understand the principles of equal opportunity and are able to implement our policy in all of their work with students and clients.
  • Internal verifiers will monitor teaching and assessment sessions to ensure that tutors and assessors are providing equality and opportunity.
  • Internal Verifiers will monitor rates of achievement and ensure that these do not differ by race, gender, sex or ability.
  • All students will be given the name and contact number/email address for the tutor responsible for their development and will be encouraged to contact this person should they have any problems.

Equal opportunity will be monitored and facilitated through the following areas:

  • access to assistance from tutors during the course
  • tutor observation
  • internal verification of assessment days
  • achievement rates
  • the marking and moderation of exam papers
  • the monitoring of all course material and publications
  • student feedback

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Whether you have just started thinking about a career in the fitness industry, or want to bring your qualifications up date then please feel free to email or telephone (07957844512) our course advisor, Stuart Hamilton, with any of your questions or concerns.
Stuart has been a personal trainer, fitness centre manager and course tutor for many years and can advise you from a number of different viewpoints.

Hamiltons Training Academy is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) Registration number: UKPRN: 10026462.
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