Teens...get fit, have fun and make friends this summer while learning how to use a gym at Teen Gym.



About Teen Gym

Teen Gym is a series of sessions at Hamiltons Fitness Centre, Colchester, where younger trainers are welcome to come and use our facilities.


No experience is required as our Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Tiffany Croker will be on hand to show teens the ropes. Click here for more about Tiffany.


Tiffany will take teens through an induction to show them how to use everything in the gym and write them a programme to follow for the rest of their sessions. Tiffany will then be on hand to answer any questions, offer training tips and advice and to ensure Teen Gymers are training safely for all other sessions.


Teen Gym is for teens of all abilities and backgrounds. It will introduce teens to gym training who have never done it before. It will push on teens who already exercise or do sports by teaching them new ways to stay healthy and keep fit.



Gym training is not only good for getting stronger and keeping fit but also for:


Boosting self-confidence    Improving and maintaining flexibility

Learning about a healthy lifestyle  Exercise outdoors
Boosting and controlling energy levels   Keeping fit

Managing weight  Preventing injury  



Teens will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of powerlifting and  Olympic weightlifting if they would like to. Teen Gymers can use all of Hamiltons’ facilities including The Wrecking Yard, an alternative outdoor fitness area with equipment such as a bouldering climbing wall and tractor tyres.


For more information about Hamiltons Fitness Centre including how to find them, visit their website: www.hamiltonsfitness.co.uk.






Days: Tuesday afternoons

Times: 1pm – 2.30pm throughout the six week summer holidays (21st July to 1st September 2015).






£5 per session
£10 for the induction (first session)



That's me



Tiffany Croker

(BSc, MSc)

Professional Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Tiffany. I will be running Teen Gym sessions.  I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I have worked in the Fitness Industry for over ten years and I am passionate about sport and keeping fit. I am CRB/DBS checked and have experience of working in schools encouraging teens to keep fit, be healthy and have fun!


For more info about me visit my website at www.practicalpt.co.uk






I want to come to Teen Gym sessions, so what do I do next?


1. Check with your parents/guardian that it's ok for you to come.


2. If they agree, then download and print the parent/guardian consent form and get them to sign it (or they can come to Hamiltons and sign a copy there). They will also need to add their contact details to this form so we have an emergency contact. Click here to download the parental consent form.


3. Get in touch with Tiffany to book your induction. Click here or scroll down for contact details.

4. Come in for your induction. Make sure you bring your consent form signed by a parent with you, or bring a parent so they can sign one when you get there. Tiffany will show you the ropes and write you a programme then you’re away and gym training for the summer! Just come in Tuesdays between 1pm and 2.30pm, pay £5 and train in the gym, with Tiffany  on hand to supervise your exercise, answer any questions and give you helpful training advice.


What should Teen Gymers wear and bring I hear you ask? Wear comfortable clothes you can move around easily in, such as sports shorts or jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and clean trainers. To stay hydrated you can bring a drink with you or we have a water fountain and a drinks fridge.






For  more information and to book your induction and get started in the gym this summer you can call or email either Tiffany or Hamiltons Fitness Centre:


Tiffany Croker

  Web: www.practicalpt.co.uk

  Tel: 07722567244

  Email: tiffany@practicalpt.co.uk

Hamiltons Fitness Centre

  Web: www.hamiltonsfitness.co.uk

  Tel: 01206 854319

  Email: hamiltonsfitness@aol.com