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Why should I have a Personal Trainer?
A personal trainer will push you further than even you feel that you are capable of and at the same time keep you within safe boundaries, making the best use of your time and effort.

Is Personal Training just for the rich and famous?
No. Personal Training is for everybody. Regardless of your ability, age, shape or fitness levels. Catherine specialises in working with individuals and groups that are just everyday people, who want to achieve any health and fitness goal.

How will I know if the Personal Trainer is qualified or not?
Make sure that you ask to see the Personal Trainer's qualifications. They should have no problem with this. Don't trust your health and your safety to someone with minor qualifications, make sure that they are not only qualified but also experienced in your type of exercise and fully covered by personal liability insurance. Catherine has a 2.1 degree specifically in health related fitness, unless you are only interested in sports performance then you might want to avoid trainers that only have a Sports Science degree. This is Catherine's insurance cover.

Am I fit enough to do Personal Training?
Yes. No matter how fit, or unfit you think you are, Catherine will assess your capabilities from the start. Therefore ensuring you are progressing the whole time you are with her.

How long do I need my Personal Trainer for?
There is no set amount of time you have to stay with your Personal Trainer. Some goals are quickly achieved, some take a little longer. The time frame will be much clearer once you have had your initial consultation.

What do I get for my money?
An incredible level of academic knowledge and years of experience, don't forget Catherine is the teacher that teaches other Personal Trainers.

Catherine will also give you unlimited support by email and telephone, making sure you stay focused, committed and motivated.


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